Saturday, 15 September 2018

I tried and I'll try .

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 I have tried . And I'll try harder in everything.
That is my promise and you are the witnesses.
If I fail, go tell them,
The fancy tale about my fight,
How I dived in and breathe under water,
How I recovered from anguish underneath my skin,
And shriek the rage from my thorns,
If only I fail.

I am trying harder in everything,
Shutting down my dark thoughts inside my head,
Pacing back and forth finding  an escape,
Running with my worn out dress reaching for light,
I can hear my voices louder than ever,
Fighting with my bewilderment eyes,
Let alone the snakes lingering around my wrist,
Because I know the snakes are nowhere near to break my spirit.



hey babes,no harsh word!