Saturday, 9 December 2017

Glass of Her.


She fell hard to the ground,
Hearing whispers from the crowd,
'She's not good enough' that's what they said.
Her man, she really thought he was her man.
She gave him her heart and her soul,
But it was wasted.
He crashed them away like a broken glass,
Glass of her.

She's drowning in the Mariana Trench,
She couldn't swim, struggle to the top,
Mermaids sing to her a lovely wisdom,
'O darling you're a fighter, you were born to be a fighter,
Suddenly,she could feel the pressure of water,
Pushing her to the air,
She woke up on the cold hard ground,
She started to breathe again.

They said we shouldn't trust anyone,
Even if the shadow leave us when we're in the dark,
One that she loves the most throwing fireballs at her,
She hides in a tiny hut,
Then she looks into the broken glass,
She saw a reflection of someone that she can trust.

by: ms.whitehorse

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