Saturday, 18 November 2017

Random post-


What's up, guys? So this is not a poem, obviously, this is just a random post. So a lot of things 

happened these days. Dramas, issues, and sort of things and I'm doing pretty well I guess. 

Mark my words, things aren't getting better, it just you will getting stronger. 

I'm working on something actually, but I'm not gonna talk about that. It could be about relationship, music or poem, you know. 

There's also one thing I realized. 

The more I know someone, the more I know that I should better off be alone. 

So I take my time, observing every single thing around. 

By the way, have you guys listen to Taylor Swift's new album, Reputation? If you haven't yet, then you should. 


 My favorite song from the album is Call It What You Want.

 It kinda gives you magical vibes haha.

 Gorgeous sounds pretty nice too. 

I really like how the whole album is lyrically and emotionally connected. 

Fresh vibes and classy. 

It's like a novel that contains various chapters.

 I really like it. I think that's all from me and see you soon.

 Maybe not so soon.