Sunday, 18 November 2018

Review St.Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!

Today I'm going to write review about this scrub!

First and foremost, 

You can get this at Watsons , Guardian and local pharmacies but you got to be quick because these products sold out real fast. I always be the second last or last purchaser of this product at the store lol.
I don't really remember how much it costs but it will not be more than RM 20 for sure. 

This product promise you that it will make your skin fresher right? Then I think it is but I really want you guys to alert and understand that this product won't work like some magic scrub or something.You have to use it regularly (depends on your skin type) to ensure and maintain your fresh skin. The fresh skin means in this context it your skin will be free from dirt and tiny impurities.It is recommended for you to use it twice or thrice a week for best result. I use it thrice a week because I have oily combination skin. One squeeze is enough to cover your whole face. Don't scrub your face harshly as it may enlarge your pores. Just massage your skin gently and then rinse with some water. I found out that my skin complexion became brighter right after I scrub my face! It makes your skin feel soft and supple and not drying or sting like some products.

It is also hydrating for me. It removes sebum,dirt and tiny impurities on your skin. After a few weeks of usage, you'll find yourself with glowing skin! The smell of the scrub is fruity *which make sense because this product is based on peach* and I really love it. Don't worry , it's not  too heavy because the scent will fade away real fast. 

One thing you need to know, you don't have to worry that it will cause you break out or something because it won't. Still, don't expect that this scrub will save you from pimples because it won't. It just only provide you fresh skin with better complexion not preventing your skin from acne. Especially pimples because of hormonal changes or stress. Anyway, it does whatever that it promised " FRESH SKIN". You can say good bye to your dull skin , yeay!

Will I repurchase ? Maybe but I am looking forward to try out the other scrub in St. Ives range .Overall I would give this scrub 8/10.

Thank you for reading this! Have a nice day and goodluck!

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  1. i heard that this scrub is quite harsh to our skin and was sued back in 2014


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