Saturday, 1 April 2017

Hello April -




It's been a long time!So how you guys doing?

So yeah let's talk about my 2017 because  I post nothing about end-year and no new year greeting , sorry.

So far my 2017 is doing well haha yeah.I found new friends that are deserved to call 'friend' not just a mate who accompany and hangout with you and leave you when you're in-need and when they found someone cooler than you. I became mentally stronger ? HAHA . I don't really give a shit to bad treatment that they gave to me I just walk away and say goodbye because their shit is not worth to cry for.

How was my examination? Well hehe idk what to say . Not that bad huh?hehe


Everyday , every second I'll try to be a better person, InshaAllah.

As you guys know,this year I'll be sitting for my PT3 and yeah my Oral Test just in 2 weeks. hell no .
Wish me luck and I will work and strive for it !Fighting!

Just a reminder,even though how hard life could be,remember,there's a rainbow after rain means there'll be happiness after sadness.

Yours Truly,



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