Sunday, 13 March 2016

Press Your Number - Taemin


                                     Watch Press Your Number MV HERE

Actually the video was released about 2 weeks ago?and yes  finally I got a chance to write about this :)

"TAEMIN’s first album “Press It’ and the music video of his lead track “Press Your Number” have been released. The album contains a total of 10 songs and the album title track “Press Your Number”, produced by Bruno Mars and team Stereotypes, is an urban pop dance song and it is about a man expressing the sorrowful heart while waiting for his loved one. Enjoy the music video of “Press Your Number”, and give lots of love and supports to TAEMIN."

Yes our maknae is back!with first full album! 

Actually when SMTOWN released the teaser photo,I was quite surprised you know...

Yes taemin kiss himself .
And I wondering what was that mean?

Then 23 February 2016 , SMTOWN released Press Your Number music video.

I already fall in love with this song when the first time I heard it.

Let's move on to the music video,

It's amazing!

Do you still remember that I said Taemin kiss himself?

Yes I think the teaser photo related to the music video because in the music video,there will a scene which Taemin got two personalities okay Idk how to explain.

One of the scene that I told ya
   SHINee and Taemin image

Maybe bipolar ? Nah idk but in this video he got two personalities ,  good side and  bad side .
The bad side kidnapped a girl and stole money but on the same time he's hurting the good side.Do you understand what I mean?

I mean more bad things the bad side do,more the good side will get hurt.And that's why at the ending,good side of Taemin kill the bad side ?

But it does related to blue rose too.Blue rose means unreal right? In this video it showed when the bad side kidnapped the girl,he put a blue roses beside the girl and the good side woke up.


As usual , our maknae who known as good dancer,he dance very well and the dance for this song is on point!

Some pictures for you!

gif, mv, and press your number image

Taemin, gif, and mv image

gif, kpop, and press your number image

What are you waiting for ? Go watch it here 

And please give a  lot of support to him ;) 

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