Sunday, 7 February 2016

Review : Garnier Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Moisturizing Day Cream

Hi ! Long time no see!

Okay today I'm gonna talk about Garnier Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Moisturizing Day Cream!

Let's get start!

Okay first,

The texture not very 'thick' it's a little bit watery,so if you apply it on your face you'll not looking cakey .And the cream is pink colour haha omg yes,it is cute .THE SCENT IS AMAZING! I don't know but maybe that the scent is come from sakura ? lol.If you guys are not comfortable with the scent ,it's okay because the scent will go away after you apply this cream.

SPF21/PA+++..for me it really does well as sunblock!

But you know ,I've read some reviews and they said that this cream does melt under the sun,yes sadly but it does.Especially when you live in summer country.Actually I have an oily skin but fortunately it doesn't give me pimples hum.If  you 'stay in air-cond' places it doesn't melt and moisturize your skin very well :)

When I'm outside ,after apply this cream,I do apply some compact powder to make sure my skin matte and to prevent the cream dramatically melt lol.

Pinkish effect ? I would say that I only can see the difference about 23%.Wait hold on there,

Brightening / Whitening effect ? 55%   yes.

I don't take pictures before I'm using this picture so I can't show you guys , I only have the 'after' pictures ,sorry.

Okay that's my opinion,I don't really recommend this cream to you guys who do sports , stay under the sun .But I surely recommend this who live in chilly weather like Genting,Cameron Highland or air-cond places.

Again it's just freaking opinion , so why don't you guys try it and tell your story ?

Where to get it ?

Any supermarkets like Giant,AEON,Tesco and more.

Price ?

I don't know most of reviews I've ever read they said this cream about RM 28.00 but mine I purchase it Giant in Palm Mall Beach, only RM 18.00.

Overall I would give 7/10.

Thanks for reading this,I hope you guys enjoying this and have a nice day~!

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