Saturday, 10 October 2015

Move on.



Okay dah emotional sangat dah dalam blog ni aku tengok..

Apa yang move on ni?

Sebenarnya Ana dah move on dah.Orang nak berubah,berubah lah.Tapi Ana nak bagitahu yang Ana takkan berubah dan mengecewakan.If  you need me,I'm always be right here.

Sedih ? Of course la sedih kalau orang yang kita sayang tu berubah kan?
Hmm whatever la.

Btw,SHINee released a new song!      *excited

Actually,I'm not a kpoppers BEFORE I watch THIS.

                                       We married to the music 🎶

First,the music video's concept is creepy and ..*funny too

Second is the melody ..I mean the whole song include the lyrics..Yes,it is very catchy and I never heard a song can be that catchy okay lol.

Finally I love this song and video too..Ooh,you guys should see the perfomance too!The dance kinda dynamic too..

They really did a good job!Bravo!

*okay,I'm sucks at describing.

Again,if you guys wanna watch the "Married to the Music" music video,go watch it HERE.

I will post more often okay?Bye.

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