Saturday, 13 June 2015

Dear Diary

Actually everyone got their own story. And several of them, call it a diary. Right?

What do you write in your diary? Is it about your daily life? About the special things happen in your life? Your feelings? Your love?

I won't ask ya what you guys write in your diary. But, have you guys think the reason why would we keep the diary secretly, and  not telling anyone else about that. Idk. The question will make you feel like....  "yes.....idk why would I" am I right?

If you guys want to find a loyal listener, you guys can count on diary. It will never tell anyone else. Yes, diary. But kita orang Islam, kita boleh mengadu kat Allah je. InshaAllah ��

Okay la. Jangan tanya kenape ada post yang tetibe sentimental cenggini. Ini namanya orang yang mamai but still working to finish her post.

Btw, excuse my English yang berterabur ye. Inilah jadinya kalau orang yg mengantuk tapi sebok nak update blog. ����

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