Saturday, 25 May 2013

Positive thinking,Be patient.

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How can I think positive while people push me? while people challenging me? in accordance with her? until when I have to be patient? Push,push,push,Force,force,force,Challenging,challenging,challenging.I tired now.Maybe one time,I can't be patient.Soon,I'll maybe lost my patient treating her.All the time,I keep it in my heart.Until when? until when I must handle,patient with her? with this problem? She do what she want! But I will not revenge.I'm not person like that.I didn't think she ask me apologize because I knew it and because it just a wonderful dream.Her heart already frozen and will not melt ever.Often if frozen it's opposite meaning is melt but it is not.I happy with her but she doesn't think about me.She doesn't know my feeling.She went a bit about me.I know she much than me but I can't bear it anymore.She do what she want do.We must follow the requirements of.If we don't want to.I so tired of this.I have many problems like everyone but right now I have more than everyone.I can't patient any more.All this time,I just keep in my heart,positive thinking and forget it.I don't hate you but you hate me.I treat you like you're my king but you treat me more bad than you treat your slave.I not evil like you,cruel like you and my heart frozen like you yet.And I don't want to.So tired want to treat you like king.I try try try and try to not hating you,irate you but you make it.Stop.I can't do it anymore.I can't bear anymore,I can't patient with you anymore.Just begging you stop.You're more bad than irritating child.I don't want hate you,I don't want  be like you.Actually I too be patient with you and my friend.I forget it.How could you do this to me? When you angry you make the thing that hurting me.I just forget it.I can't bear it anymore.After this,maybe I'll lost my patient.I'm sorry.

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