Friday, 3 May 2013

Kitty the New Kitten.

Hello for sure.We no see about 1 week right?Oh.I'm so sorry.This is my last post.Not last actually.Next week and another next week I'll maybe not see you anymore.Because what? I have a Mid Exam.I must get prepare for that.Or , maybe I can update just in my new tablet?

Let me tell you.

It name is  = Kitty.My mom name it.
Colour      =  Orange and White.
Sex           =  Male.I wish a female.
Age           =  1 months 1 week.

It is so cute.It eyes like rat.It good,clean but..little injured.We take it at the drain.It meowing loud.So,we pity adorable too!I love it!Please see my First Kitten so, at HERE   

Okay.I just little boring now.See you in two weeks!


  1. Hye dear , ade tgk 1st kitten awak . Comel . Die sihat tak sekarang ? :)

    Sya rase kucing 1st awk tu sakit perut sebab ade cacing dlm perut . Anak kucing mmg selalu ade cacing , jadi kalau saya selalunya kena beli ubat cacing dekat klinik haiwan . Murah je Rm3 .
    Saya harap anak kucing yg baru ni awak bg dia ubat cacing juga tau nt mati cam anak kucing saya . Baru umur 2 bulan dah mati sbb cacing .
    Have a nice day ;)

    1. Thank you for info :) first kitten tu dah lari.


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