Thursday, 7 February 2013

Am I in Floral?

Start with normal feeling..Today is the day of my life, "Am I in Floral?"

After designed my blog..I just write what happen in my life..I want fly in is really tiring me.

After 'thrown in the trash by Aimi in football games'  suddenly make me feel useless ..Just sad for a while.

But..started today ..I want change my life..My ALL LIFE!..I want delete my memory  ,  behavior

started .. Standard 3..I want change  my life into   introverted and yielded person like  " I was Standard 1"

..I don't know if  I could updating or writing my blog anymore..I don't think so..I am fanatic of introverted 

and yielded..So goodbye I said for you..for this blog.. I am maybe not a cheerful anymore..No more  

segmen...Happy time..Funny time..Goodbye I said for you..This is my real ..Not in Floral anymore...

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